TwoBrush BR01

Circular embedded directional speaker

Embedded type/indoor use/suitable for Cultural Expo application scenarios

Directional sound transmission, clear and direct, effectively solve noise pollution

The attenuation amplitude is small and the propagation distance is longer

Ceiling mounted, simple and convenient

The volume can be adjusted to the most suitable level according to the noise condition of the application scene

Can be customized to achieve intelligent induction, walk and stop

Model Specification

Product name :TwoBrush directional speaker


Power dissipation :36W

Audio input : 3.5mm dual-channel audio terminal

Operating temperature:-15℃ ~ 45℃

Operating humidity:0 ~ 90%

Product model :BR01

Sound pressure level:80dB@1KHz/2m

Power supply:36V/2A

Directivity:(-10dB)< 15°

Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ 50℃

Store humidity:0 ~ 90%